First and foremost… Okay, I know, I’ve been gone. It’s the holidays, the end of the year, and I’m in the middle of some stuff that will be affecting my life in some way (positively). Hopefully that will be soon-ish. I can only cross my fingers.

Ever since my MacBook bricked, the whole no-laptop deal has slowed me down a little bit as I’m someone who likes to write on-the-go! I will have to say that it’s “forced” me to be at my desktop, meaning I’m drawing a lot moreβ€”albeit, if only doodling.

In speaking of a bigger screen…

Acer Chromebook 15

Meet my new Chromebook, which I suppose I’ll name ‘im, “Mercury“.
Click the picture for the CNET review.

Lately I’ve been about minimizing, so much that I haven’t gotten around to replacing my MacBook. Instead I replaced my Chromebook of all things. You know, instead of getting a cute travel-sized 11″ much like my ol’ Acer, I up-sized to this sleek 15.6″… because why not?

“A 15.6-inch Chromebook not exactly minimizing, Kim.”

Yeah. 😐 I’m weak. I don’t have any regrets in my purchase. It’s really a pretty littleβ€”lol, “little”β€”Chromebook. It’s touch-screen. Lays flat, which is great for portfolio reviewing or presentations. The review I linked above states that the screen is dull, but I really don’t see that at all. It’s crisp and bold, and definitely HD.

Typing on it right now actually. ^_^

Now that I have this thing, how exactly am I going to get any work done?


I never really did a lot of coding from my Chromebook, but there are times where I do have to do some studying on Python or Ren’Py scripting when I have an idea for a VN “animation” of the sort.

If you’re a pro or hobbyist coder, you will understand there’s nothing like a great text editor. Once you find the one, you’re with it for life.

This is Caret.

Caret does the job for me. My documents save to my Google Drive and I can stream the file into SublimeText, my bread and butter, sun and stars… love of my life. LOL


One of the issues I was facing with the death of my MacBook is my Scrivener license which is only specific to OSX, meaning I would have to purchase a separate license to use it on Windows. That wasn’t going to happen. I was never the one to write on my PC. (I’m weird; let me live).

Scrivener files are essentially RTF documents (rich text format), so I can easily dive into them on my Google Drive without the application. I was completely fine with using Google Docs even though it’s not exactly made for long-form. Once I get beyond fifteen pages, it starts to chug a bit, regardless of the speed of your device(s). It’s great when I’m taking notes and writing down ideas from my phone.

What was I going to do without Scrivener?

After enough researchβ€”and doing my best to avoid iA Writer as it never fit my tastes to long-form writingβ€”through a Reddit thread, I discovered Wavemaker and Calmly Writer.

Wavemaker (Free) // Just, oh my god, once I figure out how to bridge the relationship between this and Scrivener via file streaming once I get to that point, I will be so incredibly happy. For only Chromebook productivity, Wavemaker is perfect for my needs in novel-writing when it comes to writing timelines and organizing scenes.

The only downside right now is there is currently no rich text formatting. If you like bolding and italicizing, this is not in the app just yet.

Calmly Writer ($4.99 USD) // Writing. Calm, no-fuss writing with rich text formatting but no chapter organizing (which works to my advantage with how Scrivener breaks down files within a project). There is an online and Chrome OS version.

The online version of Calmly Writer.

I love both applications as they both serve their purposes. All depends on what you need! Maybe Google Docs is just right for you. πŸ™‚


There was a time that I used to shove my DSLR’s SD card into my Chromebook so I could store my photos directly to my Google Drive. I never really did any post-processing because, well, it couldn’t really handle or even do that at the time.

If you like using Adobe Lightroom, then Polarr is your best bet.

It’s a very clean-looking app!

It’s free overall. Subscribers get the extra oomph should they want to go ham on photo-processing on a Chromebook to begin with. I personally have not needed the premium… yet. Having access to the Overlays would be nice.

There you have it: life with a Chromebook isn’t all too shabby! I love it.

For quite some time, Chromebooks had a lot of limitations as to just how productive can one really be from a “cloud laptop”?

I honestly thought I was crazy for buying my first one on the second year Chromebooks have been around. There was something charming about them. I’m glad I stuck it through as they’ve come a long way and definitely fit into how I like to work.

I’m not exactly looking forward to fitting this on the lap trays on flights though. XD

Anyway, I just thought I’d check in. πŸ™‚

If you don’t hear from me, happy holidays and thank you so much for being around, being you, and just being. ^_^

Time for me to start cracking down on writing!

<3 Kim