The name’s Kim and I love to love hockey.

Heart team is the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Home team is the Los Angeles Kings.

When I was young, my familiarity with the sport was limited to video games and the Winter Olympics. My earliest memory of hockey was Nagano 1998 when the U.S. Women’s debuted and won gold, followed by 2005 when they won the world championship.

I mean, there were the Mighty Ducks movies, but… uh… okay, yeah, that counts. So does gaming, I think.

Nonetheless, life can get usually tough when you are young, so I didn’t have any opportunities to truly experience live games until my early 20s when I attended Anaheim Ducks games at Honda Center whenever I had the opportunity to.

Once I moved to Los Angeles back in 2013, I began attending Kings games. Now comes the 2019 season, here I am with partial season tickets going totally solo. It’s nice because I have the room to attend road games!

Anyhoo! This is my super casual blog to talk about hockey as a fan amongst other things that circle around it like traveling, friends, the games I attend and so forth. Definitely not an analyst or a journalist, I would prefer to leave that to the professionals.

By day, I’m a design lead/art director at a leading video game company and I’ve been in the entertainment industry as a creative for nearly ten years.

It’s been one hell of a journey and I’m happy that I can finally settle down and chat.